This qualification is offered to students who would like to work with children between the ages of birth to five years old.

This course consists of an N4 Certificate, N5 Certificate and N6 Certificate. Students need to submit proof of 18 months’ workplace experience at a school or daycare centre, in order for them to qualify for the National N-Diploma in Educare. There is 18 months of study and 18 months of work experience in order to receive a national diploma.

Please note that you will only receive a qualification on completion of the workplace experience 18-month practical training, you will be qualified as a practitioner with a Diploma in Early Childhood Development to work with children between the ages of 0-5 years.

What will I be able to do?

  • Educare practitioner
  • Play group practitioner
  • Manage an ECD site
  • Starting and managing you own ECD site
  • Au pair

What could I do to further improve my skills and my chances of furthering my career?

You will achieve the National N-Diploma in Educare. This will enable to you continue studying in the Education field. You could proceed to study the Bachelor Degree in Foundation Phase at an institution of Higher Education, such as a University.